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Cocoa Hardware Reference

Cocoa offers a suite of embedded hardware for the Afero IoT PlatformTM. Thanks to the modularity of our hardware abstractions in firmware, we're able to provide production ready and customized hardware to meet your requirements.


This page is a work in progress with updates coming soon.

Cocoa Nib BLE

The default Cocoa Nib solution consists of the following primary components:

  • Rigado BMD-350 with Afero Secure Radio (ASR) firmware pre-loaded
  • Microchip ATSAMG55J19-MU host microcontroller.
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) pre-loaded with the Afero profile.
  • 2 MB of SPI Flash (1 MB accessible to user, 1 MB used for bootloader)

Cocoa Butter


The hardware reference documentation for the hardware reference is not expected to be available publicly until January 2019. You can contact us directly for more information.